Friday, December 18, 2009

Professionalism in CAM: Psychology

The art in CAM is not knowing.
It is to make the other understand.

To put yourself in the other's shoes (tx @ankenn) AND to lever your "language" to the world of the other. Speaking frank is easier than speaking understandable.

A basic understanding of psychology will thus be necessary. Thus it needs to be included as early on in any class that claims to be a professional health formation.

Just too often I see it included in courses to teach people how to sell better their product. A way of manipulating the other to your ends.
This is not what it is about!
It is not about applying 7 habits, understanding any number of personality types in order to become richer, more famous, more loved.
It is to do your job as good as you can be.
And in the health sector, this means making the other understand that s/he can act, can change.
Whether to become healthy again, maintain her/his dignity while ill, stay in form, prevent imbalances.
Offering choices and giving back the other the will & responsability to choose.

This will make a significant difference between doing a health profession and being a health professional.

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Professionalism in CAM: education

To further my previous blog,
Professionalism in CAM : Image
in order to adapt to the current established system here in the West, professionalism should start in the education of any CAM discipline.
Certainly through the quality and standards in the technique itself.
In order to fit here in the established society in the West, for the practitioner to stay level with his clients and collegues and to enable a flow of communication, a basic understanding of anatomical and medical terms needs to be included in the education of a CAM practitioner.
Thus "extra-disciplinary" subjects like anatomy and physio-pathology need to be rather "inter-disciplinary". Approached and implemented from the disciplinary side, well understood. No need to make it a 2 year training.

CAM carries the term complimentary. Hence in order to be such, touching frontiers between various fields needs to be there. A puzzle works only if the pieces have borders in common. Being a practitioner of a complimentary medicine includes the capability to put the pieces of the puzzle together. A basic knowledge of the biochemistry inside the human body and mind is part of it.
No matter whether we approach the well-being of our client from an Ayurvedic, TCM, or other way: it shall always manifest inside his body & mind, influencing his hormonal / emotional balance as much as flesh & bones.

No, this does not mean to adhere to the same principles.
Yet this allows to communicate in a common language.

All this to build on what makes CAM powerful : the capability to synthesize from a multi-point of view to reach a large picture of the patient without neglectig details. Trying rather to include than to exclude.

Survival of the fittest, not the strongest. Who adapts best, not forces most. From a multilevel perspective.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Professionalism in CAM: image

If you visit your physician: how many Buddha statues do you see there?
And at your dentist's office: did he ever invite you to hum a mantra before drilling?

In the Westen hemisphere we are accustomed to a certain kind of image of what a professional health practitioner should look like: clean, sober, neutral.

Besides different personal points of view upon that matter: there is nonetheless a reason behind. This setup stands in our culture for cleanness of mind, neutrality with the aim of serving best the well-being of the patient, putting aside at a first stance all products of faith & believe and basing itself on palpable facts / results.

This ain't bad. As a matter of fact this represents the inner state of mind demanded by a professional health practitioner of CAM:
- no judgement
- neutrality
- efficiency (in a harmonious way)

And images are powerful. A first impression given by the place & person him-/herself. Even before opening the door.
Just what we all were doing when grooming our loved one for the very first time.
(a little more colorful so)

So why not representing outwardly what we shall carry inward?

In my life & work as a practitioner of various techniques of CAM I have learned to appreciate the importance of such a state of mind during my sessions.
right intentions

And learned further that indeed they do not end there but rather serve as a starting point to penetrate my whole life.
This centredness gives me the capability to adapt to the situation given by the patient & the moment in order to find the most harmonious approach for her/him.

This has nothing to do with being impersonal in a sense of cold & distant. Being open-minded, charming, compassionate will be the effect of your personality. If it is there, there won't be much need to add more to it.If it ain't, no colorful posters, candles or statues will add it.

Adapt and not compromise. There should be no need for the latter.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Anger management

I've read several articles on how to "express" your anger, be it via exercising, shouting, dancing and more.
This represents the external, the yang part of this important task. Important as to learn to deal with this feeling of anger. Being aware of the fact that it can, needs to be expressed.
Facing, accepting anger is the first step of changing our behaviour towards it, the others and ourselves.

What's next?

I haven't met anybody yet who felt well after he got angry. It often leaves a bitter taste inside. This "something ain't right" feeling. Being outside ourselves.
Our energy being drained deeply, as TCM explains well.

Where does it come from, this bitter, acidy taste?
Is there a way to avoid it next time?

Besides the external stimulus, I find often culpability, anger against oneself more than against others, being the steam underneath these volcanos.
A knowledge of not having acted at our best.
Not feeling right in our skin (place).
And if this heat cannot erupt, it will burn inside. Appearing cool from the outside it will "kill" inwards.

Thus learning to look honestly at ourselves, with heart & mind, needs doing. Which apparently is difficult. Our ego giving us ten thousands reasons why not to. Being inside a forest and not seeing it because of so many trees around us.

Sometimes the talk of a person close to our heart will do.
Sometimes we might need to appeal to a professional.

In shiatsu and aromaherapy the practitioner's work is to guide you to a lighting inside this forest and thus to reconcile your conscient and non-conscient parts in such a harmonious ways that indeed no harm be done.
By working with you and the flow of your vital energy Qi in your meridians in a way respectful to you and your surroundings on a large scale. Giving you choices. Making you feeling more comfortable within yourself. Helping to make the inner picture of ourselves becoming clearer. Thus calmer, inside and outside.

Because the fear we are not looking at ALWAYS appears much bigger than it is in reality.
Fear, living in the shadows of our souls, is just that: a shadow itself. And the shadow always appears bigger than that what is actually casting it.

Henceforth be courageous, talk to your good friend, and if that does not bring you further, try a session with a professional shiatsu or aromatherapy practitioner to have a look inside.

Carpe diem
And a resourceful weekend

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Tricks of the Mind

or the ego cannot fail

Having giving in recently into numerous "trick or treat" threads, I am blogging here about a different one: the big voice within.
Let's call it iEgo

Always present it is giving advise, reason, padding our shoulders, unnamed, unasked for.
Impressively clever, cunning, smooth or tough, it carries yet a major flaw:
by design it is giving only egoistical advise & counsel. It is not concerned about the other.
Whether the other is the guy/gal in the car in front, our partner, a group or even the environement doesn't strike any difference to iEgo.
All the same: different from me!
No chance for win-win situations. The other always looses.

Wait a minute: that can't be. No one always wins.
Yes, iEgo does.

At least that's what it wants us to make believe.
Because by it's very nature, it may not do one thing: admit to have made a mistake.
And believe me, it will do ANYTHING to make you believe that the obvious mistake is actually none. That there is a very good reason why this is much better this way, and not the other. That this little scratch in our heart is not really hurting. The lost blood not so important. It ALWAYS finds a reason.
Even if it has to lie!

Not a good counselor really, is it?

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Aroma: immediate response

"a remedy that works needs to taste bitter!",
a German proverb says.

As this might be true with some medications, it it certainly NOT with essential oils.

One of the wonderful facts of using aromatherapy is the possibility to gain a "touchable" response for the patient immediately: it's the smell!

Not just a tickling or warming sensation as might be found within shiatsu for example. Sensations still appearing strange, at least in the beginning.

Nope, here we feel something very concrete and direct (smell being the only of our 5 senses where the nerve receptors are wired directly into our brains).

When in doubt how to approach the energetic imbalance in the patient, I'll just let him take the perfume of the oils pre-chosen. It will be his nose that shows the way. It is his personal preference in this very moment that will build the syntheses of his past experiences and his current state, leading towards a more equally balanced life.

This is true for single essential oils.
Always a pleasure seeing how some people prefer lavander oil over camomille as a lullaby (which one leans more to his feminine/yin, and which one to his masculine/yang side? ).

This is even so more true for mixes of essential oils, as here not only the overall effect is accounted for. I find it surprising how some people immediately smell (prefer) one ingredient over the other, ALTHOUGH it might be a minor part in the mixture. It's like the famous dot had been placed on the "i".

Just that, here, it is YOU who acts, who takes the reins for your health.

Which is not more nor less than any practitioner is wishing for

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Tu as raison

Est-ce qu'on n'utilise pas souvent cette phrase quand justement on n'est pas convaincu. Un peu comme "Oui mais.."?

Il y a un doute.

C'est souvent le cœur qui nous signale il y a quelque chose là qui cloche dans nous.

Peut être seulement qu'on espère bien que ça serait tout à fait pas correcte, plus facile, plus doux, plus romantique, .., pour nous.

Ah, la facilité! C'est quoi qui rend la vie si dure ...

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving remedies:

Thanksgiving remedies:
Peppermint & Basil essential oils

Throughout the year there are days of regular diet, balanced to one
essential needs, and there are days of feast.

Thanksgiving belongs to the latter :-).
Wrappig us in warmth of hearth and heart. News and chatter everywhere.
Accompanied by delicious food and ale.

All this is necessary and welcomed for all our senses.
Away from the daily clic & clac, tic & tac.
Diving right into it, nourrishing so many needs, feeling lovely, being

Yet it has to be digested as well!

Helping our little and big internal friends, our organs, and
especially the digestive tract, to keep up with all this splendor, we
might give them a hand:

1 drop of essential oil Peppermint + Basil onto a small cube of sugar
(of course a coffee-spoon of honey or olive oil would be better, just
stay away from the gravy for his one :-) ).
That's it.
What a simple and powerful remedy.
You will feel its wonderful aid IMMEDIATELY.

Have a warm & joyful Thanksgiving.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Monday, November 23, 2009

Superman inside

Superman inside

How often have I felt the "magical power" flowing inside?
And how much (too) often it has put me astray, has fueled my vanity
rather than the veins of my patient?

During a session an open, honest dialogue may only develop if my
client and I are residing on the same level, that there is no
judgement between us.

This comprises certainly the "you are bad" way of judging.
Less evident, this means as well the "Oh you poor fellow human, let me
do it for you" judging.
Me, "leaning into" my patient, showing itself in a posture distorted
in a similar, "leaning" way.
Which is asked for often enough by patients nonetheless.
Such shouldn't be mistaken as compassion.
Such is the mantle of pity!
Meaning "I am capable of doing and you are not."
Depriving my client from his own capacities.
The opposite of what my work should give.

Our work is much about humility and compassion, not egoism and pity.

Superman must die ;-)
(inspired by a song from "God" aka Eric Clapton :) & more )

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Friday, November 20, 2009

At the lookout for Love

At the lookout for Love

Which we all are, aren't we, always?

Longing for this romantic touch, glimpse, chill.
We try to
Hold it
Embrace it
Grap it
Attack it
Neglect it
Keep it ours, for now and ever.
Indeed how we try to do it shows much about who we are, our character,
our nature.

And where we might find a part of the problem why it ain't always
working. How that?
It appears in such innocent powerful words like "always" or even just
"hold". They express a fear.
A very human fear. As a matter of fact, it is unique to the human
kind: fear of loosing, not having.

This fear will make that famous game of love a loser's act, a
competition without end (that cursed word "always" cutting both ways
Fear makes us unconscious, ignorant.
Despite our differences in character or nature, fear acts all the same.

Remembering a moment in my life that I felt hugged by love, when I
appreciated that single drop in time, I don't recall fear holding my
Yet when fear grimped after my heart, had I been able to appreciate
the moment?
Fear coming, try to breath deep in, closing my eyes, remembering love
inside, and with it the courage to face what I fear. What a
difference. Becoming conscious again of myself, my surrounding, habits
I've taken leading to reflexes which are NOT in my best interest, i.e.
to advance in life.
Which is the underlying current of all life.
Fear working against it.
Love embracing it.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Five Easy Steps To Draw In The Crowd

reading the post Mashable’s 5 Ways to Attract and Empower Your Crowd, something Helen Rubello said in her “Introduction..” post about what her customer wants from her and vice versa (The Shiatsu Zone: An Introduction....), Gina Loree’ Marks’ remark of not being judgmental as a therapist (Grace in Gravity - Better Living Through Shiatsu - Blog - The Morality of Healing) and last not least Rob Blackburn’s “4 quadrants of Wellness” post (Rob's Shiatsu Pages: Four Quadrants of Wellness) gave me the juice of trying to merge it.

Five Easy Steps To Draw In The Crowd

  1. Focus on The Need. What our customer/client/patient wants from us is the bottom line. Nothing more and nor less shall be given. It includes listening with many senses (ears, eyes, hands, ..) and being careful, i.e. respectful of the other person. I’m still thinking with shudders on my first sessions where I had been overwhelming my clients with so much I wished to give yet what they hadn’t been asking for. No need to tell you that those customers usually neither came back nor were “miraculously” cured.
  2. It’s Not You, It’s We. In our school Institut Français de Shiatsu Michel ODOUL reminds us of the importance of the “Carré B”, square B. He uses a 4 quadrant setup very much like Rob Blackburn yet with different analogies. They represent the 4 different relational levels possible between 2 people meeting. The only fruitful one being “Square B” where practitioner and client reside on the same level. No “saviors”, “victims” or “bullies” in this room. Only if I manage to interact with the other person in a way that he/she doesn’t feel neither looked up or down at, I maintain a respectful position for him/her and me.
  3. Determine Your Touchpoints. Easily to be understood in regards to shiatsu, isn’t it. This includes simple questions like 
    1. “who am I in relation with?”, 
    2. “what kind of relationship are we trying to establish here?”, 
    3. “Where will it take place?”, 
    4. “and when?”, 
    5. “how?” and 
    6. importantly “why?”
  4. Set Clear Goals. Summarizing the 3 steps beforehand should give us a clear picture of what we and the customer want to achieve during this session. A “must” for maintaing a healthy relationship with the customer from which finally all parties may benefit. 
  5. Let Go. As usual, the most simple sounding one at the end. Open my heart and let go. Reaching the zen meditation state where limits start to disappear and I touch the other person as much as me. Where I ain’t doing good and just follow the flow without bending.
My challenge to you: I’d love to know from you how you approach your clients, stay centered, being anchor without holding back, guiding hand without squeezing.

Prep X hiver

L'hiver s'approche selon la médecine traditionnelle chinoise (8

L'énergie de l'Eau va commencer à reculer, reposer.
Pour nous recharger.
Allons-y l'aider.
Je recommande l'huile essentielle Epinette Noir sur le point 1R pour
faciliter l'entrée de l'énergie dans le méridien.
1 goutte pied droit, 1 goutte pied gauche, 3 fois par jour pendant 5
jours. Ça va nous faire du bien!

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Winter is coming

Winter is coming
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Nov 8th the seasonal
transition for winter begins.

The water energy will flow low, retreat.
In order to recharge us, our batteries.
Let's help it!
I recommend putting essential oil black spruce onto the acupuncture
point Kidneys-1 to facilitate the transition.
1 drop right foot, 1 drop left, 3 times a day for 5 days max. That'll
do as good.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Winter schneit heran.

Winter schneit heran.
Gemäß traditioneller chinesischer Medizin am 8.November.
Die Wasser Energie geht in die Tiefe, zieht sich zurück.
Um unsere Batterien wieder aufzuladen. Und das haben wir sicherlich
Um diesen saisonalen Übergang behilflich zu sein, empfehle ich das
ätherische Öl Schwarztanne auf dem Akupunkturpunkt Niere-1. 1 Tropfen
pro Fuss, rechts zuerst, 3x täglich für maximal 5 Tage.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bonne intention = pas d'intention

Bonne intention = pas d'intention

Pendant un Twit hier avec @gloreebe88 (Gina Loree' Marks
), j'ai bien ressenti l'importance de rester sans intention pendant
une séance pour moi.

Combien de fois mes pensées vont ailleurs, croyantes, savantes.
Et chaque fois ça disturbe le processus de "fondrer" comme décrit
hier dans mon Blog.

Combien de fois je me trouve demander: "ça ne peut pas être comme
ça", "je ne comprends pas .."?
C'est justement comme ça. This is it. ( je ne parle pas du film de
Michael Jackson ici :-). )

La vie se fait découvrir. Tout ce qu'il me faut est de laisser faire,
laisser aller.

Après, je le trouve important de mettre ce dialogue intuitif dans
l'ordre, le décrire en forme des mots & symbol pour finalement faire
la synthèse avec les informations reçus par l'interrogatoire et
observation. Ça me permet d'avoir un point de vue si large que
possible sur l'état énergique de mon client.

Qui, de retour, me permet de lui donner des conseils en utilisant le
moindre des outils. Ils portent une simplicité que je décrit comme
naturellement beaux et élégants (sachant que j'ai attribué ça aussi
as des formules scientifiques à l'époque :-)

Tout ça avec l'intention de pas avoir une.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Absichtlich absichtslos

Absichtlich absichtslos

Beim Twitten mit @gloreebe88 (Gina Loree' Marks
kam es mir wieder vor Augen, wie wichtig es für mich ist, während
einer Behandlung absichtslos zu sein.

Wie oft schweifen meine Gedanken ab, glaubend, wissend;
Während der Behandlung, dem "Anfassen", behindert dieses
Herumschweifen, Glauben, Wissen das eigentliche Verschmelzen, wie in
meiner gestrigen, englischen Blog post beschrieben.

Wie oft frage ich mich: "das kann so nicht sein", "das verstehe ich
So ist es eben, so zeigt es sich mir.

Das Leben entfaltet sich. Ich benötige nur die Weisheit & den Mut, ea
zuzulassen, loszulassen.

Nach dem "Anfassen" ist es dann für mich wichtig geworden, diesen
intuitiven Dialog in Wort & Bild zu bringen, um ihn mit den gewonnenen
Einsichten aus Befragung und Beobachtung zu verbinden. Dies erlaubt
mit, einen möglichst weiten Blick auf den energetischen Zustand meines
Partners zu haben, ohne Geaichtspunkte auszugrenzen.

Dieses Verschmelzen aus Intuition, Befragung und Beobachtung erlaubt
mir zumeist, das Gleichgewicht meines Partners mit den
geringstmöglichen Mitteln wiederherzustellen.

Diese "Lösung" birgt dann eine Einfachheit welche ich als natürlich
schön und elegant empfinde (wohlwissend, dass diese Attribute in
meiner Studienzeit physikalischen Formeln nahegelgt wurden) und sich
als effizient darstellt.

All dies durch stetes Erinnern meiner selbst, absichtslos zu sein.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Right intention = no intention

Right intention = no intention

Twitting with @gloreebe88 (Gina Loree' Marks
reminded me again how important it is for me during a session to NOT
have any intention.

How often my brain goes wandering, believing, knowing;
yet during the session, the "touching", all this wandering,
believing, knowing is actually only hindering the melting process
described during my y/day blog post.

How often then do I find myself wondering: "I don't understand
this", "that cannot be the way" yet this is it (no, I am not
talking about the MJ film here).

Life shows itself. I just need to have the wisdom & courage to let go.

Well afterwards, I found it important to regather this intuitive
dialogue, putting it in words & symbols and combining it with the
informations gained before during interrogation and observation in
order to get a view as wide as possible on the energetic state of my

This combination will often allow me to advice my client with the
least tools necessary.
It shows a certain simplicity in itself that I recognize as being as
much beautifully natural as elegant (coming from my scientific
background where physical equations, too, may display beauty and
elegance through their simplicity and yet vastness).

All this by continuously reminding me to NOT having any intention.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The 3 melting Rs in an accomplished Shiatsu session

The 3 melting Rs in an accomplished Shiatsu session


Respiration: our initial and prime exchange with the outer world.
No breath, no exchange, no life.
Inhale, exhale, to this rhythm our body will move during the session,
our energy Qi will flow, and mix with that of the client under our
A continuous flow, like the waves in the ocean.
With the main body of deep water underneath.
Always trying to find/follow the least obstructed way.
Respecting its needs as the environment equally.
Economizing energy, never wasting it.
Moving forward as one big unity, as one.

Respectfully following the rhythm of our respiration.
Until our both Qi waves feel one.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby I'm a fool who thinks it's cool to fall in Love

Baby I'm a fool who thinks it's cool to fall in Love
(Melody GARNOT)

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence

Imagine a room with people

Nobody's talking, no noise, just the sound of silence

Ah, feeling the electricity in the air. Ready to be engaged.
For the better or the worse: nobody knows at this moment in time.
All we know: something's in the air ..
Something we might almost touch.
A power, a potentiality.
As if the entire room holds it's breath: people, plants, even the walls.
Impression of an allmighty power.
Like feelig the power of yin energy during a Shiatsu session or
In the other, waiting to be engaged, or covering us from inside out.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Silence audible

Silence audible

Imaginez-vous une chambre. Dedans plusieurs personnes.
Personne parle, pas de bruit, silence audible.

Ah, sentir cette electricité dans l'air. Forte chance qu'elle va
"exploser": pour le mieux ou le pire, qui sait à ce moment?
Tout qu'on sait: il y a ..
Quelque chose là qu'on peut presque toucher.
Une potentialité. Une puissance.
Comme toute la chambre retient son souffle, les personnes, les
plantes, les murs.
Quel impression d'un vide toutpuissant.
Comme resentir une énergie Yin dans une séance de shiatsu ou
Dans l'autre prête à être dégager ou nous remplissant de
l'intérieur vers l'extérieur.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Hörbare Stille

Hörbare Stille

Stellen Sie sich einen Raum mit Personen darin vor.
Keiner spricht, kein Laut, hörbare Stille.

Ah, diese Spannung in der Luft, bereit zu explodieren.
Zum Guten oder zum Schlechten: wer weiß das in diesem Moment?
Alles was man weiß: es ist da ..
eine Aufladung die man fast anfassen kann.
Eine Kapazität, Fähigkeit.
Als würde der ganze Raum seinen Atem anhalten: die Menschen, Pflanzen,
selbst die Mauern.
Welch Eindruck einer ungebundenen, unbegrenzten Kraft!
Wie das Erfühlen einer Yin-Energie in einer Shiatsu-Sitzung oder bei
einer Meditation.
Im anderen, bereit entschlüsselt zu werden, oder uns selbst von innen
heraus erfüllend.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Thursday, October 22, 2009 faut sauvegarder tous qui est possible et après effacer votre disque dur faut sauvegarder tous qui est possible et après effacer votre
disque dur ..

Quel charmant bienvenue après mon retour d'un voyage en Italie. Quand
je suis partie, tout était encore en règle, fonctionnait comme il
faut. Et mainenant ... Mercredi!

Avec le système Mac OS X, TimeCapsule, une 2ième disque dur "en cas
où" je m'attaque à sauvegarder tous mes fichiers, essentielles et
autres manuellement en plus.
On ne sat jamais, non?
Tous mes textes, affiches, plaquettes, composition site internet sont
Mes mindmaps pour les presentations.
Ma base de données PersonalBrain evolué pendant des années.
Impossible de la reconstruire!
Ma bibliothèque iTunes (music, vidéos, application iPhone) et iPhoto?
En plus des pieces / photos eux-mêmes: pour ce 2 dernier, je m'inquiet
si mes précieux classements crées dans des années vont survivre tous-
Et mon iPhone? Comment ça va se passer quand je le reconnect après
avoir réinstallé Snow Leopard?

Vraiement un très belle bienvenue ça. Suite à mon voyage avec la
valise déjà plein des taches à faire et défaire.

Alors sauver tous qui est possible, jusqu'à un moment Mac OS X ne
démarrait plus. Pas d'autre coin pour se cacher: on y va!
Boot avec la DVD Snow Leopard dans l'iMac (en premant "C" pendant le
démarrage du Mac), choisir de pas faire tout de suite l'installation
proposé par la DVD mais d'abord un test de disque avec le DiskUtility.
Mais rien ne va plus: effacer!

Déjà grace à "the cloud" MobileMe tous mes données dans mon carnet
d'adresse, l'agenda, emails, signets de Web et fichiers là-dedans
était de retour dès que j'avais donner les détails de mon compte
MobileMe pendant l'installation du Snow Leopard.
Mon premier sourire pendant 1 jour et demi!

Et maintenant? Bon, les logiciels imparatifs (pourquoi pas se
débarasser des choses inutiles au même temps, n'est-ce pas?).
Heureusement j'avais bien sauvegarder tout les détails de registration
pour ceux. Plus de tons de disque/CD etc. C'est-ce qu'on n'a pas
sauvegarder on recharge d'Internet, avec mis-à-jour consécutive.

Après les fichiers importants (pourquoi pas laisser les moins
important tout de suite sur la disque dur externe?).
Ah, oui, ça fonctionne: les tableaux, présentations, PersonalBrain.
Un grand souffle sort involontairement.

Maintenant iTunes. 50GB de music, vidéos et app X iPhone.
Avant démarrer iTunes, faire la mis-à-jour à 9.0.1 pour être à
jour avec l'état avant la panne.
Après ça suffit de recopier les fichiers sauvegardés du classeur
Music de la disque dur externe à l'interne.
Je démarre iTunes ... Et voilà, il y sont. Tous, et avec classement
etc! Quel merveil!!

Dernièrement iPhoto. Il faut avouer que j'utilise iPhoto Library
Manager de FatCats pour avoir plusieurs library, interne et externe.
C'est tout à fait simplissomo. Comme avec iTunes pour la bibliothèque
interne je recopie le contenue du classeur de l'externe vers
l'interne, et active ceux qui sont rester externe tous avec l'aide
d'IPLM. Super!
Un autre grand souffle, et la sauvegarde est bouclée.

Et TimeCapsule? Reste derrière comme éminence grise, en cas où, pour
être activer avec Migration Assistant s'il y a des informations
Après 1 journée de sauvegarde sous tension, une demi pour restaurer:
c'etait quand même facile!
Impossible à croire sous Windows, cette fois-ci un vrai "piece of

Merci Apple!

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Erde ruft Mensch

Erde ruft Mensch

Laut der Traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin (TCM) startet heute die
Saison Erde. Vorbereitung auf die Wintersaison diesmal.

Um diesen Umbruch möglichst harmonish zu gestalten, kommt ein
natürlicher Helfer: das ätherische Öl des Salbei.
Ich empfehle 1 Tropfen auf den Punkt Mi6.
Das hält doppelt gut!
Zuerst rechts, sanft einmassieren im Uhrzeigersinn, dann gleich links.
Ihre Hormone werden aufatmen.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saison Terre s'approche

Saison Terre s'approche

Dans la médecine traditionnelle chinoise (MTC) l'intersaison "Terre"
arrive le 21 octobre pour nous aider à se préparer à l'hiver.

Pour la supporter l'huile essentielle de Sauge Sclarée (Salvia
Officianalis) est un merveil.

En applicant 1 gouttes sur le point 6 RP, la massant doucement dans le
sense des aiguilles du montre d'abord sur la jambe droite. Après la
jambe gauche.

Votre système hormonale va vous remercier mille fois.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Earth calling 21st October

Earth calling 21st October

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the 5th season,
Earth season is approaching (21st October).

In order to prepare us for winter.
For support the essential oil Sage (salvia officinalis) on the
acupuncture point Spleen 6 will be a feast.
As usual to be applied first on the right leg, 1 drop massageing
gently clockwise, and after that the left leg 1 drop massageing gently
Your hormon system will greatly thank you.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Monday, October 19, 2009

La symbolique des larmes

Les émotions, ça nous concerne tous.

Curieux c'est-ce qu'on va apprendre de Michel ODOUL et autres demain
dans l'émission Bien-Etre sur Direct8 10H-11H.


Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shiatsu: swift & gentle

Shiatsu: swift & gentle

For some time this idea slumbers & lumbers in me.
Unclear, clad in mist.

Swift, how swift? The touch shan't be rapid nor fast if not needed.
Swift in a sense of fast action/reaction coupled. An immediate
response to the merging of the fingers and the skin, 2 beings blending
into one common realm, YinYang flowing into each other.
It's just there the "gentle" comes in.
YinYang not being alternative, opposite or else .
Complimentary, bound-unbound.

Not by force nor by concentration but by giving way, opening up, this
will be experienced. Felt on both ends so that the giver receives and
back again.
Limits vanishing into ether, egos falling off like autumn leaves,
bright, sometimes vivid colored yet falling down.
Letting truth shine through like the mild sun finding more and more
it's way through the now blank trees, uniting thus heaven and earth
here and now.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Friday, October 16, 2009

Der Luxus langsam zu Reisen

Der Luxus langsam zu Reisen

Was war ich doch so schnell.
Über die Autobahn gedüst.
Dann gehetzt, gejagt.
Und noch nicht mal der Schnellste, Gejagteste.

Schnell und bequem von A nach B war ein Privileg der Wohlverdienenden
noch vor 50 Jahren. Im eigenen schnellen Gefährt brausen. Langsam
fahren, sein, dass war was für Arme und Opis.

Und jetzt sind viele von uns so gehetzt, gejagt, dass es gerademal ein
Privileg, ein Luxus ist, nicht zu schnell zu fahren, gar noch
langsamer, um die Fahrt selbst zu genießen. Nicht mehr nur das
Ankommen, der Weg selbst wird ein Ziel, eine Qualität eines kleinen
Abschnitts unseres Lebens.
Die Gedanken baumeln zu lassen.
Die Sinne aufzufüllen.
Den Geist zu erfrischen.
Einfach so ..

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



..qui nous font peur.

A tout le monde, pareil.

Ce n'est pas notre identité qui va changer, comme l'égo essaie de
nous persuader. C'est plutôt notre comportement qui s'adapte de mieux
à mieux aux circonstances. Un processus qui prend place en tout cas
dans l'arc de notre vie.
Et de temps en temps nous avons besoin la main de quelqu'un autre.
Autant professionnel que doux.
Pour nous "revoir".
Donner d'avantage d'espace à notre esprit, notre être et donc nos

Quel aventure :)

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



..afraid of it.

We all are!

Yet it is not what our ego seems to tell us.
It is not our identy, our self, that changes, diminishes.
It is merely that we become able to adapt our behaviour better to the
circumstances. A process which is happening anyhow throughout life.
Just that at some moments we need a hand/shoulder/look from the
outside. Professional and gentle.
To "resee" ourselves.
Giving more room to our spirit, our being & thus doing.

What an adventure :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The animal inside

Wonderful show on the subject "the animal inside of us" in France on

In it Michel ODOUL developped the difference in significance not just
between animal of prey and it's prey, much more he showed the
difference between "being" a tiger or a lion and more.

Both are known for preserving their territory.
Yet the tiger will not allow anything invade it, hungry or not,
whereas the lion may grant that right if not offended.
The "tiger" does need some spot light shine on him, the "lion" not.

Same can be developped for the prey: wouldn't you see a difference
between a sheep and an antelope?

And humans might just behave in anology with their own "territory",
i.e. private sphere. Instinctively, always displayed in some manner:
posture, gesture, mimic etc.

So we share a common base with animals.
How about differences?

Foremost the human highly developped capacity to rationalize. Being
under such strain in the northern hemissphere that our reflexes get
more and more covered up. Relearning to feel, to be, in demand now.
Touching our inner self again. Hearing our inner guiding voice. Acting
And loosening our grip on the 2nd major difference:
The fear of loosing/letting go. Unknown in the animal kingdom.

This dynamism between fear and courage to overcome, motivated by our
own "powers", is for me an always fascinating part of my work.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

L'animal dans nous 2

Quelle émission intéressant et amusant!

Déjà pas la simple constation qu'il y a des prédateurs et proies. Michel ODOUL a bien diversifié la signification d'un lion, un panthère, une hyène, un babouin.

Comment chacun se comporte dans son territoire. Et confirmé par tous les invités l'existence et l'importance de notre propre "territoire", notre sphère intime; Comment nos réflexes vont montrer sans doute et faute quand quelqu'un y rentre.

Et la différence entre l'Homme et l'animal?
Bien sûre la capacité d'Homme de raisonner, qui nous aide et nous bloque quand cette capacité dépasse l'équilibre saine.

De +? L'Homme porte la "peur de perdre" en soi. Une chose inconnu dans la nature sinon.

Et notre capacité d'evoluer. Par nécessite et par réflexion cordiale.

Comme nous sommes uniques.

C'est-ce que j'adore dans ma profession.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

l'Animal qui est en nous

Michel ODOUL va apparaître dans l'émission du Bien-Être au Direct8, le 7 octobre entre 10h - 11h.

Je suis certain que nous allons bien nous reconnaitrer dedans :)

Shiatsu - Un Institut de formation au Shiatsu

Monday, October 05, 2009

Grippe A / porcine : des astuces pour se protéger

Veuillez trouver ici le lien vers "La Lettre" de l'Institut Français de Shiatsu dirigé par Michel ODOUL concernant la Grippe A et quoi faire:

Vous allez y trouver des approches de plusieurs côtés, facile à utiliser, douce et naturel pour le corps.

Bonne dégustation

Sunday, October 04, 2009

gute Zeit für einen Ölwechsel : Entschlackt in den Winter

Vom verlängerten Indianersommer noch umwärmt, steht doh die kühle,
kalte Jahreszeit vor der Tür.
Mit ihr kommt, wie stets gewiss, all die kleinen und großen Probleme:
Schnupfen, Grippe, Gliederschmerzen, Ach und Weh gar vieler Ortens.

Warum nicht dem vorbeugen?
Mit einer kleinen Entschlackungskur geht der Körper und Mensch viel
leichter in die raue Zeit.

Also ran an den inneren Speck, Leber und Konsorten sanft & gezielt zum
Ölwechsel anregen, sich in dieser Zeit mässigen mit all den guten
Sachen (Zucker, Fett, Kaffee, Gluten, Fleisch), und frisch geht's

Hals- und Beinbruch

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In