Monday, November 23, 2009

Superman inside

Superman inside

How often have I felt the "magical power" flowing inside?
And how much (too) often it has put me astray, has fueled my vanity
rather than the veins of my patient?

During a session an open, honest dialogue may only develop if my
client and I are residing on the same level, that there is no
judgement between us.

This comprises certainly the "you are bad" way of judging.
Less evident, this means as well the "Oh you poor fellow human, let me
do it for you" judging.
Me, "leaning into" my patient, showing itself in a posture distorted
in a similar, "leaning" way.
Which is asked for often enough by patients nonetheless.
Such shouldn't be mistaken as compassion.
Such is the mantle of pity!
Meaning "I am capable of doing and you are not."
Depriving my client from his own capacities.
The opposite of what my work should give.

Our work is much about humility and compassion, not egoism and pity.

Superman must die ;-)
(inspired by a song from "God" aka Eric Clapton :) & more )

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