Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving remedies:

Thanksgiving remedies:
Peppermint & Basil essential oils

Throughout the year there are days of regular diet, balanced to one
essential needs, and there are days of feast.

Thanksgiving belongs to the latter :-).
Wrappig us in warmth of hearth and heart. News and chatter everywhere.
Accompanied by delicious food and ale.

All this is necessary and welcomed for all our senses.
Away from the daily clic & clac, tic & tac.
Diving right into it, nourrishing so many needs, feeling lovely, being

Yet it has to be digested as well!

Helping our little and big internal friends, our organs, and
especially the digestive tract, to keep up with all this splendor, we
might give them a hand:

1 drop of essential oil Peppermint + Basil onto a small cube of sugar
(of course a coffee-spoon of honey or olive oil would be better, just
stay away from the gravy for his one :-) ).
That's it.
What a simple and powerful remedy.
You will feel its wonderful aid IMMEDIATELY.

Have a warm & joyful Thanksgiving.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Monday, November 23, 2009

Superman inside

Superman inside

How often have I felt the "magical power" flowing inside?
And how much (too) often it has put me astray, has fueled my vanity
rather than the veins of my patient?

During a session an open, honest dialogue may only develop if my
client and I are residing on the same level, that there is no
judgement between us.

This comprises certainly the "you are bad" way of judging.
Less evident, this means as well the "Oh you poor fellow human, let me
do it for you" judging.
Me, "leaning into" my patient, showing itself in a posture distorted
in a similar, "leaning" way.
Which is asked for often enough by patients nonetheless.
Such shouldn't be mistaken as compassion.
Such is the mantle of pity!
Meaning "I am capable of doing and you are not."
Depriving my client from his own capacities.
The opposite of what my work should give.

Our work is much about humility and compassion, not egoism and pity.

Superman must die ;-)
(inspired by a song from "God" aka Eric Clapton :) & more )

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Friday, November 20, 2009

At the lookout for Love

At the lookout for Love

Which we all are, aren't we, always?

Longing for this romantic touch, glimpse, chill.
We try to
Hold it
Embrace it
Grap it
Attack it
Neglect it
Keep it ours, for now and ever.
Indeed how we try to do it shows much about who we are, our character,
our nature.

And where we might find a part of the problem why it ain't always
working. How that?
It appears in such innocent powerful words like "always" or even just
"hold". They express a fear.
A very human fear. As a matter of fact, it is unique to the human
kind: fear of loosing, not having.

This fear will make that famous game of love a loser's act, a
competition without end (that cursed word "always" cutting both ways
Fear makes us unconscious, ignorant.
Despite our differences in character or nature, fear acts all the same.

Remembering a moment in my life that I felt hugged by love, when I
appreciated that single drop in time, I don't recall fear holding my
Yet when fear grimped after my heart, had I been able to appreciate
the moment?
Fear coming, try to breath deep in, closing my eyes, remembering love
inside, and with it the courage to face what I fear. What a
difference. Becoming conscious again of myself, my surrounding, habits
I've taken leading to reflexes which are NOT in my best interest, i.e.
to advance in life.
Which is the underlying current of all life.
Fear working against it.
Love embracing it.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Five Easy Steps To Draw In The Crowd

reading the post Mashable’s 5 Ways to Attract and Empower Your Crowd, something Helen Rubello said in her “Introduction..” post about what her customer wants from her and vice versa (The Shiatsu Zone: An Introduction....), Gina Loree’ Marks’ remark of not being judgmental as a therapist (Grace in Gravity - Better Living Through Shiatsu - Blog - The Morality of Healing) and last not least Rob Blackburn’s “4 quadrants of Wellness” post (Rob's Shiatsu Pages: Four Quadrants of Wellness) gave me the juice of trying to merge it.

Five Easy Steps To Draw In The Crowd

  1. Focus on The Need. What our customer/client/patient wants from us is the bottom line. Nothing more and nor less shall be given. It includes listening with many senses (ears, eyes, hands, ..) and being careful, i.e. respectful of the other person. I’m still thinking with shudders on my first sessions where I had been overwhelming my clients with so much I wished to give yet what they hadn’t been asking for. No need to tell you that those customers usually neither came back nor were “miraculously” cured.
  2. It’s Not You, It’s We. In our school Institut Français de Shiatsu Michel ODOUL reminds us of the importance of the “Carré B”, square B. He uses a 4 quadrant setup very much like Rob Blackburn yet with different analogies. They represent the 4 different relational levels possible between 2 people meeting. The only fruitful one being “Square B” where practitioner and client reside on the same level. No “saviors”, “victims” or “bullies” in this room. Only if I manage to interact with the other person in a way that he/she doesn’t feel neither looked up or down at, I maintain a respectful position for him/her and me.
  3. Determine Your Touchpoints. Easily to be understood in regards to shiatsu, isn’t it. This includes simple questions like 
    1. “who am I in relation with?”, 
    2. “what kind of relationship are we trying to establish here?”, 
    3. “Where will it take place?”, 
    4. “and when?”, 
    5. “how?” and 
    6. importantly “why?”
  4. Set Clear Goals. Summarizing the 3 steps beforehand should give us a clear picture of what we and the customer want to achieve during this session. A “must” for maintaing a healthy relationship with the customer from which finally all parties may benefit. 
  5. Let Go. As usual, the most simple sounding one at the end. Open my heart and let go. Reaching the zen meditation state where limits start to disappear and I touch the other person as much as me. Where I ain’t doing good and just follow the flow without bending.
My challenge to you: I’d love to know from you how you approach your clients, stay centered, being anchor without holding back, guiding hand without squeezing.

Prep X hiver

L'hiver s'approche selon la médecine traditionnelle chinoise (8

L'énergie de l'Eau va commencer à reculer, reposer.
Pour nous recharger.
Allons-y l'aider.
Je recommande l'huile essentielle Epinette Noir sur le point 1R pour
faciliter l'entrée de l'énergie dans le méridien.
1 goutte pied droit, 1 goutte pied gauche, 3 fois par jour pendant 5
jours. Ça va nous faire du bien!

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Winter is coming

Winter is coming
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Nov 8th the seasonal
transition for winter begins.

The water energy will flow low, retreat.
In order to recharge us, our batteries.
Let's help it!
I recommend putting essential oil black spruce onto the acupuncture
point Kidneys-1 to facilitate the transition.
1 drop right foot, 1 drop left, 3 times a day for 5 days max. That'll
do as good.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

Winter schneit heran.

Winter schneit heran.
Gemäß traditioneller chinesischer Medizin am 8.November.
Die Wasser Energie geht in die Tiefe, zieht sich zurück.
Um unsere Batterien wieder aufzuladen. Und das haben wir sicherlich
Um diesen saisonalen Übergang behilflich zu sein, empfehle ich das
ätherische Öl Schwarztanne auf dem Akupunkturpunkt Niere-1. 1 Tropfen
pro Fuss, rechts zuerst, 3x täglich für maximal 5 Tage.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In