Friday, November 20, 2009

At the lookout for Love

At the lookout for Love

Which we all are, aren't we, always?

Longing for this romantic touch, glimpse, chill.
We try to
Hold it
Embrace it
Grap it
Attack it
Neglect it
Keep it ours, for now and ever.
Indeed how we try to do it shows much about who we are, our character,
our nature.

And where we might find a part of the problem why it ain't always
working. How that?
It appears in such innocent powerful words like "always" or even just
"hold". They express a fear.
A very human fear. As a matter of fact, it is unique to the human
kind: fear of loosing, not having.

This fear will make that famous game of love a loser's act, a
competition without end (that cursed word "always" cutting both ways
Fear makes us unconscious, ignorant.
Despite our differences in character or nature, fear acts all the same.

Remembering a moment in my life that I felt hugged by love, when I
appreciated that single drop in time, I don't recall fear holding my
Yet when fear grimped after my heart, had I been able to appreciate
the moment?
Fear coming, try to breath deep in, closing my eyes, remembering love
inside, and with it the courage to face what I fear. What a
difference. Becoming conscious again of myself, my surrounding, habits
I've taken leading to reflexes which are NOT in my best interest, i.e.
to advance in life.
Which is the underlying current of all life.
Fear working against it.
Love embracing it.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

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