Thursday, June 02, 2005


There is destiny
Yet we are allowed to change it

There is our fate: lives' twists and turns written down in the Golden Book of Life
Yet God have us our free will

No, I do neither think nor feel that we are allowed to fully comprehend it.
Yet I'll imagine a possible interpretation as by various levels [of energy], topped upon each other, like a "millefeuille" [French type of pastry/dough].
Hence there are 2-dimensional planes in which we move, confined in these realm of energy, and only by reaching out to a higher level of consciousness & conscience we will move to the "next" plane above [hence you might ask about moving downwards : is this an interpretation of hell? Is in general not being "on the top floor" being in hell?; I apologize for not going further into this matter here, in this essay].

Free will gives us all freedom of (outer) movement in the confines of the 2-dimensional plane.
Left, Right, Forward, Back, all is possible, as we wish and decide.

Destiny, our great goal, searching for the nearest path to the Golden Ribbon, is contributed by our willing effort to enhance our own "personal" energy level.
By Meditation [Praying], Soul Searching, Connecting to the Spirit, at last serving the needs of all, to the benefit of all.

Please do NOT understand the above levels as unconnected, rather the opposite.
The planes are NOT flat but actual valleys and mountains, our decisions by and with our free will, so God give, lifting us up, closer to the next level. Each Physical action, including Doing, Saying and Thinking, helping our Inner Journey, finding the uniting principles upon which we will be able to build that bridge, close the gap.
Yet no outer action can ultimately make us cross the border!