Monday, December 14, 2009

Professionalism in CAM: image

If you visit your physician: how many Buddha statues do you see there?
And at your dentist's office: did he ever invite you to hum a mantra before drilling?

In the Westen hemisphere we are accustomed to a certain kind of image of what a professional health practitioner should look like: clean, sober, neutral.

Besides different personal points of view upon that matter: there is nonetheless a reason behind. This setup stands in our culture for cleanness of mind, neutrality with the aim of serving best the well-being of the patient, putting aside at a first stance all products of faith & believe and basing itself on palpable facts / results.

This ain't bad. As a matter of fact this represents the inner state of mind demanded by a professional health practitioner of CAM:
- no judgement
- neutrality
- efficiency (in a harmonious way)

And images are powerful. A first impression given by the place & person him-/herself. Even before opening the door.
Just what we all were doing when grooming our loved one for the very first time.
(a little more colorful so)

So why not representing outwardly what we shall carry inward?

In my life & work as a practitioner of various techniques of CAM I have learned to appreciate the importance of such a state of mind during my sessions.
right intentions

And learned further that indeed they do not end there but rather serve as a starting point to penetrate my whole life.
This centredness gives me the capability to adapt to the situation given by the patient & the moment in order to find the most harmonious approach for her/him.

This has nothing to do with being impersonal in a sense of cold & distant. Being open-minded, charming, compassionate will be the effect of your personality. If it is there, there won't be much need to add more to it.If it ain't, no colorful posters, candles or statues will add it.

Adapt and not compromise. There should be no need for the latter.

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