Friday, December 18, 2009

Professionalism in CAM: Psychology

The art in CAM is not knowing.
It is to make the other understand.

To put yourself in the other's shoes (tx @ankenn) AND to lever your "language" to the world of the other. Speaking frank is easier than speaking understandable.

A basic understanding of psychology will thus be necessary. Thus it needs to be included as early on in any class that claims to be a professional health formation.

Just too often I see it included in courses to teach people how to sell better their product. A way of manipulating the other to your ends.
This is not what it is about!
It is not about applying 7 habits, understanding any number of personality types in order to become richer, more famous, more loved.
It is to do your job as good as you can be.
And in the health sector, this means making the other understand that s/he can act, can change.
Whether to become healthy again, maintain her/his dignity while ill, stay in form, prevent imbalances.
Offering choices and giving back the other the will & responsability to choose.

This will make a significant difference between doing a health profession and being a health professional.

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