Friday, December 11, 2009

Anger management

I've read several articles on how to "express" your anger, be it via exercising, shouting, dancing and more.
This represents the external, the yang part of this important task. Important as to learn to deal with this feeling of anger. Being aware of the fact that it can, needs to be expressed.
Facing, accepting anger is the first step of changing our behaviour towards it, the others and ourselves.

What's next?

I haven't met anybody yet who felt well after he got angry. It often leaves a bitter taste inside. This "something ain't right" feeling. Being outside ourselves.
Our energy being drained deeply, as TCM explains well.

Where does it come from, this bitter, acidy taste?
Is there a way to avoid it next time?

Besides the external stimulus, I find often culpability, anger against oneself more than against others, being the steam underneath these volcanos.
A knowledge of not having acted at our best.
Not feeling right in our skin (place).
And if this heat cannot erupt, it will burn inside. Appearing cool from the outside it will "kill" inwards.

Thus learning to look honestly at ourselves, with heart & mind, needs doing. Which apparently is difficult. Our ego giving us ten thousands reasons why not to. Being inside a forest and not seeing it because of so many trees around us.

Sometimes the talk of a person close to our heart will do.
Sometimes we might need to appeal to a professional.

In shiatsu and aromaherapy the practitioner's work is to guide you to a lighting inside this forest and thus to reconcile your conscient and non-conscient parts in such a harmonious ways that indeed no harm be done.
By working with you and the flow of your vital energy Qi in your meridians in a way respectful to you and your surroundings on a large scale. Giving you choices. Making you feeling more comfortable within yourself. Helping to make the inner picture of ourselves becoming clearer. Thus calmer, inside and outside.

Because the fear we are not looking at ALWAYS appears much bigger than it is in reality.
Fear, living in the shadows of our souls, is just that: a shadow itself. And the shadow always appears bigger than that what is actually casting it.

Henceforth be courageous, talk to your good friend, and if that does not bring you further, try a session with a professional shiatsu or aromatherapy practitioner to have a look inside.

Carpe diem
And a resourceful weekend

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