Friday, December 04, 2009

Tricks of the Mind

or the ego cannot fail

Having giving in recently into numerous "trick or treat" threads, I am blogging here about a different one: the big voice within.
Let's call it iEgo

Always present it is giving advise, reason, padding our shoulders, unnamed, unasked for.
Impressively clever, cunning, smooth or tough, it carries yet a major flaw:
by design it is giving only egoistical advise & counsel. It is not concerned about the other.
Whether the other is the guy/gal in the car in front, our partner, a group or even the environement doesn't strike any difference to iEgo.
All the same: different from me!
No chance for win-win situations. The other always looses.

Wait a minute: that can't be. No one always wins.
Yes, iEgo does.

At least that's what it wants us to make believe.
Because by it's very nature, it may not do one thing: admit to have made a mistake.
And believe me, it will do ANYTHING to make you believe that the obvious mistake is actually none. That there is a very good reason why this is much better this way, and not the other. That this little scratch in our heart is not really hurting. The lost blood not so important. It ALWAYS finds a reason.
Even if it has to lie!

Not a good counselor really, is it?

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