Friday, December 04, 2009

Aroma: immediate response

"a remedy that works needs to taste bitter!",
a German proverb says.

As this might be true with some medications, it it certainly NOT with essential oils.

One of the wonderful facts of using aromatherapy is the possibility to gain a "touchable" response for the patient immediately: it's the smell!

Not just a tickling or warming sensation as might be found within shiatsu for example. Sensations still appearing strange, at least in the beginning.

Nope, here we feel something very concrete and direct (smell being the only of our 5 senses where the nerve receptors are wired directly into our brains).

When in doubt how to approach the energetic imbalance in the patient, I'll just let him take the perfume of the oils pre-chosen. It will be his nose that shows the way. It is his personal preference in this very moment that will build the syntheses of his past experiences and his current state, leading towards a more equally balanced life.

This is true for single essential oils.
Always a pleasure seeing how some people prefer lavander oil over camomille as a lullaby (which one leans more to his feminine/yin, and which one to his masculine/yang side? ).

This is even so more true for mixes of essential oils, as here not only the overall effect is accounted for. I find it surprising how some people immediately smell (prefer) one ingredient over the other, ALTHOUGH it might be a minor part in the mixture. It's like the famous dot had been placed on the "i".

Just that, here, it is YOU who acts, who takes the reins for your health.

Which is not more nor less than any practitioner is wishing for

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