Friday, October 30, 2009

Right intention = no intention

Right intention = no intention

Twitting with @gloreebe88 (Gina Loree' Marks
reminded me again how important it is for me during a session to NOT
have any intention.

How often my brain goes wandering, believing, knowing;
yet during the session, the "touching", all this wandering,
believing, knowing is actually only hindering the melting process
described during my y/day blog post.

How often then do I find myself wondering: "I don't understand
this", "that cannot be the way" yet this is it (no, I am not
talking about the MJ film here).

Life shows itself. I just need to have the wisdom & courage to let go.

Well afterwards, I found it important to regather this intuitive
dialogue, putting it in words & symbols and combining it with the
informations gained before during interrogation and observation in
order to get a view as wide as possible on the energetic state of my

This combination will often allow me to advice my client with the
least tools necessary.
It shows a certain simplicity in itself that I recognize as being as
much beautifully natural as elegant (coming from my scientific
background where physical equations, too, may display beauty and
elegance through their simplicity and yet vastness).

All this by continuously reminding me to NOT having any intention.

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onlyhuman said...

How wonderful it is to be reminded that after all our training, all of our tools we have at our disposal, after the testing and memorizing of point and meridians and pathologies and patterns, to just meet each client, whether for the first or fortieth time with curiosity and beginners mind.

marcussommer said...

Tx for your comment. It reminds me of what David Allen had replied once on Twitter (@gtdguy) :