Thursday, October 08, 2009

The animal inside

Wonderful show on the subject "the animal inside of us" in France on

In it Michel ODOUL developped the difference in significance not just
between animal of prey and it's prey, much more he showed the
difference between "being" a tiger or a lion and more.

Both are known for preserving their territory.
Yet the tiger will not allow anything invade it, hungry or not,
whereas the lion may grant that right if not offended.
The "tiger" does need some spot light shine on him, the "lion" not.

Same can be developped for the prey: wouldn't you see a difference
between a sheep and an antelope?

And humans might just behave in anology with their own "territory",
i.e. private sphere. Instinctively, always displayed in some manner:
posture, gesture, mimic etc.

So we share a common base with animals.
How about differences?

Foremost the human highly developped capacity to rationalize. Being
under such strain in the northern hemissphere that our reflexes get
more and more covered up. Relearning to feel, to be, in demand now.
Touching our inner self again. Hearing our inner guiding voice. Acting
And loosening our grip on the 2nd major difference:
The fear of loosing/letting go. Unknown in the animal kingdom.

This dynamism between fear and courage to overcome, motivated by our
own "powers", is for me an always fascinating part of my work.

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