Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shiatsu: swift & gentle

Shiatsu: swift & gentle

For some time this idea slumbers & lumbers in me.
Unclear, clad in mist.

Swift, how swift? The touch shan't be rapid nor fast if not needed.
Swift in a sense of fast action/reaction coupled. An immediate
response to the merging of the fingers and the skin, 2 beings blending
into one common realm, YinYang flowing into each other.
It's just there the "gentle" comes in.
YinYang not being alternative, opposite or else .
Complimentary, bound-unbound.

Not by force nor by concentration but by giving way, opening up, this
will be experienced. Felt on both ends so that the giver receives and
back again.
Limits vanishing into ether, egos falling off like autumn leaves,
bright, sometimes vivid colored yet falling down.
Letting truth shine through like the mild sun finding more and more
it's way through the now blank trees, uniting thus heaven and earth
here and now.

Shiatsu Aroma Do-In

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